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WOWHOUSE is a family owned and managed venture and prides itself in offering the following services:
Design & manufacturing of bespoke, handmade furniture in solid timber, veneer as well as sprayed finishes on manufactured materials
_ • Sourcing of local, ethical sustainable materials
_ • Project management
_ • Lifestyle accessories design and manufacturing including upholstered finishes
Interior decorating and design

WOWHOUSE is a 100% HDI Owned venture and registered on the following government databasis as approved vendor:
_ • Western Cape Supplier Database (Qaudrim Tradeworld)
_ • City of Cape Town Vendor Supplier Database
CapeNature Supplier Vendor Supplier Database  

WOWHOUSE is also a member of the following:
_ • Designmind web-based design platform www.designmind.co.za
City of Cape Town Green Map listing ‘green’ service providers www.capetowngreenmap.co.za

In partnership with a diverse network of local suppliers and service providers WOWHOUSE is in a position to design, manufacture and supply a diverse range of products and services, to meet specific client needs.
Please Contact Us to discuss your unique project and products needs.